Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Truth In 24 to Spawn Sequel

Back in 2008, Audi Sport partnered with Intersport and NFL Films to create a documentary titled 'Truth in 24', chronicling its preparation and subsequent campaign in the 76th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The film garnered widespread acclaim from critics and earned cult status amongst enthusiasts, elevating the famed endurance event to new heights.  National Geographic even ranked it Number One on its list of ‘Top 10 Greatest Sporting Events’ in the world, ahead of the Summer Olympics and the Super Bowl.

Now, a sequel is in the works to continue Audi’s story at Le Mans, this time documenting the team’s tumultuous campaign in 2011.  Details remain scarce on what the film will entail but the glossy production values from NFL Films and a swelling soundtrack by composer David Robidoux is expected to make a return.  

Audi Sport released a 14-minute long video on YouTube immediately after last year’s event that should serve as a good barometer to what can be expected from this highly anticipated sequel.

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