Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Pricklepants.

It has been a while since I've blogged. My last attempt at blogging didn't end too well. Actually, the efforts simply waned. Life got in the way, as it usually does. 

Of course, a couple of other things popped up as well since my last entry in 2009. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more recently Google+ have all diluted the blogging experience. 'Micro-blogging' is all the rage these days. It's all about getting your point across with expedience, preferably in 140 characters or less, or a highly stylized Instagram Photo. The written word has become sidelined in this day and age. 

Having done essays in high school on a typewriter (No fancy electric typewriter here... It's all about the key travel), I believe there is still much value in writing, and writing well. 

For this first entry, I will talk about the genesis of the blog name. 'Baron Von Clutch'. It starts from an unlikely place - Toy Story 3.

When I was watching the latest installment of Pixar's much loved franchise, one character caught my eye. His name was Mr. Pricklepants. He had a thick British accent and was well versed in Shakespeare. At one point during the film Buttercup labelled Mr. Pricklepants 'Baron Von Shush', because Mr. Pricklepants always insists on prim and proper speak. 

How Regal, I thought. And how appropriate as a unique Twitter Handle.

Around the same time I was contemplating an alternate Twitter persona that centered around Motorsports and the Automotive Industry in general. My friends have gotten fed up with me talking about cars and drivers and lap times on my personal account, and honestly I don't blame them, since I can become quite pedantic when talking about such things.To make it more car-relevant I decided to replace 'Shush' with 'Clutch', and the name was born.

So now that's cleared and explained, what to expect next?

Unlike the last blog I did, which was basically a diary of my concerts and various musical adventures, this will be all automotive, all motorsport, all the time. William Burroughs said 'Write what you know', so this is me, heeding William's advice.

Onto the next...

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